Silent Retreat Center in Assisi

Silent Retreat Center i Assisi

The Silent Retreats

Our Silent Retreat Center offers once a month (May-Sept) a 7-days silent retreat.


It is also possible to come for an individual retreat.


During the Silent Retreats we enjoy the Simplicity of Being, connect to the nature and visit the sacred places around Assisi.

The Retreat Center

Lying in the midst of nature, secluded at the end of a gravel road, yet only a 10 minutes drive from Assisi.

From the house (pictured above) and the garden one can enjoy breathtaking views on the surrounding mountains and forests of the protected regional parc of Mount Subasio.

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The Moment

We met each other in 1988 and have since then as The Moment been playing meditation concerts and offering silent retreats all over Europe.


We now live in Assisi and welcome fellow seekers in our center to share and enjoy The Great Silence.

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A beautiful old hilltop village in the centre of Italy, charming and inspiring with narrow streets full of inviting cafes and restaurants. Visited every year by millions of pilgrims to honour the hometown of Francesco and Chiara, which makes the energy all around so light, vibrant and alive.

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Overview over the different possible silent retreats:



A one week Silent Retreat with fixed programme

- for you that wishes guidance throughout the week and support from the energy of a group (max 5 participants).


The Silent Retreats in 2018

26. May - 02. June 2018

23. - 30. June 2018

21. - 28. July 2018

18. - 25 August 2018

15. - 22. September 201


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An Intensive Individual Retreat with individual sessions

- for you that wishes guidance throughout the retreat with support of individual BodyCoaching sessions, Sitting/Walking Meditations, pilgrim walks and tours to Assisi´s Sacred Places.


An Individual Stay without retreat programme

- for you that wishes full freedom to plan your own retreat.


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Please note that our Silent Retreat Center in Assisi is not affiliated with the former Assisi Retreat Center and/or AssisiRetreats.org