An Individual Retreat

Silent Retreat Center in Assisi

An Individual Retreat


It is possible to come to our Silent Retreat Center for an Individual Retreat. We recommend (though it is not a pre-requisite) to do so after having participated in a Silent Retreat. Then you really have settled down and can benefit totally from the quietness here.

You can use the time as you feel like: visit Assisi, go for long walks, read (or even write!) a book or listen to music, study or simply be…


An Individal Retreat includes:

• Individual Guidance & Feedback

• Evening Meditation


Price B&B

€60,-/day for a single room

€80,-/day for a double room


Additional services

• lunch & dinner

• Shuttle service to Assisi

• Chairmassage

• BodyCoaching session


Individual Sessions


Personal guidance during a retreat

Each morning session will start with time for feedback. However – in order not to disturb the proces of the other participants – more private guidance will have to take place individually during the breaks.

If it shows that more profound therapy is needed, a session with Mayadevi can always be booked.


Chock/Trauma work with Mayadevi

If you wish to work focused on a specific issue of your life you can choose to come for an Individual Stay with chock/Trauma sessions.

This could be for instance a stay over 4-5 days including 2-3 sessions.

Such an arrangement could give time and space for the therapy process to work on a deeper level.

You are welcome to contact us to arrange a program that suits your needs.