An Individual Retreat

Silent Retreat Center in Assisi

An Intensive Individual Retreat


Chock/Trauma work with Mayadevi

If you wish to work focused on a specific issue of your life you can choose to come for an Individual Stay with chock/Trauma sessions.


This could be for instance a stay over 4-5 days including 2-3 sessions.


Such an arrangement could give time and space for the therapy process to work on a deeper level.


You are welcome to contact us to arrange a program that suits your needs.


An Individual Stay


It is possible to come to our Silent Retreat Center for an Individual Retreat.

You can use the time as you feel like: visit Assisi on your own, go for long walks, read (or even write!) a book or listen to music, study, join us in our daily working rhytm or simply be and do nothing…


An Individal Retreat includes:

• Individual Guidance & Feedback

• 4 Silent Gatherings during the day


Price per day

€95,-/person (Retreat, Food & Accomodation in single room)


Additional services

• Shuttle service to Assisi

• Guided tours to Assisi´s Sacred Places

• Chairmassage

• BodyCoaching session