Practical Information

How to get to our Silent Retreat Center

Arriving in Rome airport FCO, you can travel by bus from the airport straight to Perugia, where we pick you up. The bus ticket costs 22€.

Travel time from the airport to our center: approx. 4½ hours

Bus departure times are:

Monday till saturday:

Departure 09:00 - arrival in Assisi 13:15

Departure 12:30 - arrival in Perugia 15:45

Departure 14:30 - arrival in Perugia 17:45

Departure 17:00 - arrival in Perugia 20:15


Departure 12:30 - arrival in Perugia 15:45

Departure 16:30 - arrival in Perugia 19:45

Download our detailed guide on how and where to take the bus.

Rest room in Rome airport

As you might have a bit of time in Rome Airport FCO before the bus departure, there´s the HelloSky lounge in the airport, where you can rent a room or shower service per hour.

If you intend to do so, best to book in advance.

Shuttle direct to our Center

Another possibility is to order a private shuttle from the airport straight to our center, travel time approx. 2 hours, price 280€.

Returning home

Try to fix departure from Rome airport FCO earliest at 12:00.

If departure earlier in the morning, we recommend to leave from Assisi the evening before and to stay in one of the airport hotels (not in the center of Rome).


Let us know which travel times suit you, then we can assist you in choosing the most convenient transportation from & to the airport.

Our post address:

Silent Retreat Center

Frazione Costa di Trex SNC

06081 Assisi (PG)

But only the postman knows where we live!

Google or a GPS have no clue (Localita Pian della Pieve is an area, not a street).

In Google Maps you can search for “Silent Retreat Center Assisi” or use 43.098440, 12.690763.

The GPS needs these coordinates:

N 43° 05´883¨  E 12°41´352¨ or N 43°05’52.7” E 12°41’18.4”

Note that your cell phone´s GPS will not have coverage in the mountains, only a traditional car GPS can be used.

Our banc account

”Banca Popolare Etica”,

Via Piccolpasso 109, 06128 Perugia (PG)

IBAN: IT14B0501803000000012345708



Mayadevi Dichmann

Frazione Costa di Trex SNC

06081 Assisi (PG)

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