Being both a Home and a Center
The groundfloor of our house is our home where the both of us live all year ´round. We love being here, enjoy each other´s company and the daily work in and around the house.
Then – when you arrive as our guest – we open up the first floor and our home transforms into a Center.
Not much changes for us: same daily routines, same contentment, same approach to life, but… more intense, more profound, more present.

We compare this intensity with playing our meditation music: when only the both of us sit together and play our instruments, it´s lovely. When the same music is played as a concert in front of other persons, it becomes magic.

Being a guest in a home
We are very well aware of the fact that it is us that define the setup of your stay: we decided for the retreat programme, the food, the atmosphere in the house and environment, actually for the whole energyfield here and you are invited to join us, to tune-in and experience this aspect of reality.

This setup is an invitation to be on a fascinating journey.
To wonder, to be curious, to be challenged, to immerse into something unknown, to speak and listen to the Universal Language of Resonance.

It´s an opportunity to investigate and confront your personality. Not that you are forced to change or act in a different way, rather the possibility to stop acting, to step out of habits or patterns in order to simply Let Go & Be.

Being together in Silence
Spending silent days together with others is an invitation to explore one´s own patterns in relationship to others. As we´re not interacting with our unique – but different – personalities, new channels open.

So may your silent presence be sensitive and flowing, a communication from heart to heart.

Our job here is to provide the Space for that communion.
We recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of our spiritiual marriage, initiated back in 1992 by our beloved teacher Michael Barnett:

There´s You,
There´s Me,
and there´s The Energyfield.

Over the years there has become less of the Me,
less of the You,
and more and more of The Energyfield.
The Enlightened Space.
The Silent Space we share with our guests…

Returning Home
Our deepest wish is that you experience your retreat as a Coming Home.
If you do feel so, you probably want to take that experience home with you.

Then is the time to investigate how you got into this state of simple contentment.

You stopped sharing thoughts with others.
You did not talk to support or exchange your opinions, likes or dislikes, memories, wishes, fears, preferences, beliefs or disbeliefs…

You did not need to do anything to feel this certain lightness or freedom.
You only stopped doing.

We wish you welcome…
Mayadevi & Shintai