Retreat Center in Italy

Our Retreat Center

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When you stay here as our guest,
our home magically transforms into a Meditation Retreat Center…

First impression of the Retreat Center


When we arrived for the first time at the spot where our retreat center lies, we got goosebumps…

We guess the same feeling some people a few hundred years ago must have had: Here it´s good to be, let´s settle down here.
A fine, light and clear energy.

Here you can Relax. Let go. Be…


Life here goes slow. Very slow.
With plenty of time to merge into the Timeless Space.

Here nature is meeting you,
inviting to connect,
to breathe the rhythm of the seasons,
to listen to the heartbeat of the mountains,
to become one with the Energyfield of Assisi…

Zen Master greeting the Buddha
Nature around Silent Retreat Center


We love this place! So we probably are not the best ones to describe it in the most objective manner.

But we can try: it´s an old farm, nicely converted into simple living space.

It´s all about the spot where it´s located: a majestic view on Mount Subasio, forests and meadows as far as the eye can see.

And a certain flavour of Magic in the Air,
waiting silently to be shared…

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