Bus departure infopoint outside Ciampino Airport

From Roma Ciampino Airport to Roma Termini (= Rome´s main trainstation) by Ciampino Airlink:
You first need to take the red Airlink bus to Ciampino train station, whereafter you take the train to Termini.
Ciampino is a very small airport. The AIRLINK bus departs right in front of the airport.
Please note that there are different bus companies offering bus rides directly to Termini station (45 minutes) but we´ve experienced the Airlink bus+train ride as more pleasant.
You can buy the Airlink-ticket in the automatic ticket machine right behind the luggage delivery.

from Rome to Assisi by train
example of timetable – not up to date

It´s possible to buy in advance your ticket for your train journey, but if your flight would be delayed, your train ticket would no longer be valid.

After you have registered for your retreat we will assist you in finding out which trains are going from Rome to Assisi on your travel day.

Please note: Every train trip has a specific number (as shown in the green area in the picture). So once you are at the station and look at the departure board it is not important to look at the end station – but rather to find the right train number.

Some of the trains go all the way to Assisi, others would require a change in Foligno (orange area in the picture). In that case we will wait for you at Foligno station. But do buy a ticket to Assisi, same price, just in case.

The ticket costs 10 or 20€ (it depends if it´s a Regional or Intercity train) and can be bought in one of the many self service ticketing machines and paid with credit card.

Roma Termini is a fine place to wait – we suggest the big hall first floor´s cafe/restaurant area.

Please note: If the train to Assisi/Foligno leaves from platform 1 or 2 EST – you´ll have to walk to the end of platform 1 which takes approx. 500 meter / 10-12 minutes.

From Rome to Assisi Train station
Floor mosaic of the San Damiano monastery at Assisi train station

Please note: Tickets bought in a self service ticketing machine are valid for 2 months, so it is important to devalidate it in one of the validation machines on the platform before entering the train. It is not possible to do so on the train. Be sure you hear a ”click” and check the printed date.