from Rome to Assisi - Fiumicino Airport

After you have picked up your luggage you walk through the customs exit and enter the arrival hall of Terminal 3 (T3). There you will see a lot of signs: Train station, Taxi, Car Rental and BUS station.
Turn right and walk all the way down till the end of the hall (approx. 200 mtr). There are clear signs in the arrival hall showing the way to the busses.
When you are out in the open you go to the right to the bus parking space.

As you can see on the illustration, there are a lot of busstands, numbered 1 to 26. Busses waiting there have to pay pr minute to park there.
Your bus is from the company SULGA (the only among all the other busses). They don´t like to pay for the parking meter! So they prefer to arrive only a few minutes before scheduled departure and will probably stop in parking spot number one or two. So wait there until the Sulga bus arrives. The name SULGA is clearly written on the sides of the bus. If in doubt, you might ask the other waiting passengers or other bus drivers: ”Il pulman per Perugia (SULGA) – dove?” which means: where is the SULGA bus to Perugia?

It does not matter so much which end destination is written on the bus or airport electronic boards (Roma, Perugia or Ravenna). What matters is departure time and SULGA.
All SULGA busses drive to Roma Tiburtina station, where you might be asked and guided to change bus.

The price for the bus ticket is 20 €. You buy it on the bus and have to pay cash.
To the driver of the SULGA-bus you should say :
Scendo a Montebello – Benzinaio Q8
which means: ”I want to get off at Montebello – the Q8 gasstation”.

This is a gasstation on the highway before the bus goes into the town of Perugia. It is important you say this.

The bus drives through Rome (45 min) and takes a break (30 min) at Tiburtina Station. As mentioned before, you might be asked to change to another SULGA bus right next to yours. Not always.

Please note there´s no toilet on the bus. You ´ll have time in Tiburtina to go to the toilet. The bus has WiFi.

Please send a text message to 00 39 33 34 74 55 21 when you leave Tiburtina, so we can be sure you´ll arrive at scheduled arrival time (approx. two hours after leaving Tiburtina). We will wait for you at the gasstation and bring you to our center, a 45 minutes trip.

When you notice that the driver who brought you from the airport to Tiburtina has been replaced by another one, it might be wise to express to the new driver your wish about getting off at the Q8 station in Montebello.

We wish you a pleasant journey…