The purpose of a Silent Retreat

The Path of Emptiness
The whole purpose of a Silent Retreat is to stop, take a break, distance yourself from your thoughts and opinions, merge into life as it presents itself, be with what is.

This can be overwhelming.
It is.

It requires courage to walk the Path of Emptiness. We can understand you might be a bit… – let´s call it excited. We can comfort you by saying that it actually is not as strange as it may look like. Our effort here is to support the very simple and subtle shift from Doing to Being.

And Being is our foundation in life, never ever leaves us behind, always there, always available.

Finding the balance
One of the tools we use is to provide you as much information as possible before the retreat starts. So the ever worrying mind can relax and let go.

Also our retreat programme is a great help: a fine balance between scheduled time together and free time. During the Sitting/Walking Meditations alternating sequences of 20 minutes to provide a harmonic balance. The days during the retreat are composed of sessions of 1½ hour, then a common break and thereafter 1½ hour time to be on your own.
Not too much / not too less…

Getting the support
Then – if we might say so – you´ll meet us as two persons, that are very content: We enjoy each others company, the fantastic nature, the silence here and the fine energy that radiates from Assisi.

And in case you might have worries whether you would be left all on your own: we´re here to support you, in a professional manner, as we´re educated therapists…

Taking the Silence back home
The dynamics of a Silent Retreat can be compared with the ongoing movement of a pendulum: breathe in and breathe out, focus and let go, participating as an individual in a group.

We all contribute with our presence though the experience of the retreat is individual.

Thus we can´t really promise what the result of a Silent Retreat will be. We can describe its form and structure, we can explain the intention of letting go of personal preferences, we can guide you through the process – but at the end the outcome will be your individual experience.

Maybe the best way to describe the result of the Retreat is to quote the feedback of a retreat guest who had the wish to find an answer about her life/work situation (too much stress).
At the end of the stay she said “I have not yet found a solution for how to solve the situation, but I surely have found another platform from where to look at my life”.

So we hope we can support you in your journey…

And to finish:
Know that we are as excited as you are to walk the path together with you…