The purpose of a Silent Retreat

The whole purpose of a Silent Retreat is to stop, take a break, distance yourself from your thoughts and opinions, merge into life as it presents itself, be with what is.

Our effort here is to support the very simple and subtle shift from Doing to Being.

The benefit of a Silent Retreat
We can´t really promise what the result of a Silent Retreat will be. We can describe its form and structure, we can explain the intention of letting go of personal preferences, we can guide you through the process – but at the end the outcome will be your individual experience.

Maybe the best way to describe the result of the Retreat is to quote the feedback of a retreat guest who had the wish to find an answer about her life/work situation (too much stress).
At the end of the stay she said “I have not yet found a solution for how to solve the situation, but I surely have found another platform from where to look at my life”.

So we hope we can support you in your journey…

Buddha surrounded by Angels