The Sacred Sites of Assisi

Our guided tours to the Sacred Sites of Assisi
As all tours happen in silence we do not guide you through Assisi in the traditional sense. However you will not need to worry about finding your way: you will be dropped at the entrance of the sites with a clear written explanation where to go and where and when to meet again…
All this so you can visit the Sacred Sites of Assisi in your own Space and at your own pace…

During the tours we have focus on the Energyfield of Assisi. We fall into a deep Silence, start feeling rather than seeing, start experiencing rather than knowing.

We invite you to explore the Sacred Sites of Assisi as if practicing a long Tao Walk. Tao-walk can be described as ”being moved by the Tao, the Flow of Life”.

Explore Assisi´s Sacred Places by following your heart. Nothing has to happen / anything can: standing still, walking slowly, kneeling down, having eyes open or closed, enjoying the sunlight or being attracted to a dark shadow in a corner of a church.
All of it in one flow… and slowly the magic of Assisi´s Sacred Sites will enter your being…

Tour One: San Damiano, Saint Claire & Assisi Upper Part

San Damiano Monastery

San Damiano Monastery
The place where it all began for Francesco and where Saint Clare did spend her life. Here Saint Francis unexpectedly immersed into the Christ Energy. From then on, his life changed forever in such a powerful way, that it inspired thousands during his lifetime and millions later on…

Saint Clare wished to walk the same path as Francesco. As his monks lived in celebacy she could not live together with them. So Assisi gave her the little chapel of San Damiano and helped expanding the buildings around it.

After Chiara entered the monastery, she never left there. Here she spent more than forty years in silent prayer. The spot where she left her body is still honoured with flowers and a lit candle.

Santa Chiara´s church
After your visit to San Damiano, you will be driven to the upper part of Assisi, where you will walk to Saint Clare´s Basilica.

There are only a few stairs that lead to her tomb, so here it´s a matter of going slowly, very slowly. There are no chairs in her crypt, so you cannot sit down in her presence – but you can of course stand still and dissolve into the white marble pillars…

We meet again in front of Chiara´s church whereafter we walk together through the alleys of Assisi´s oldest part.

Basilica of Saint Clare

Tour Two: Porziuncola Monastery

Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli

Saint Francis had his monastery in the valley below Assisi. There he lived together with several thousands of brothers in very simple huts. The Basilica of Santa Maria Degli Angeli is built around the little chapel which Saint Francis built with his own hands. The church also contains the “Transition Chapel” built on the spot where Saint Francis left his body.

That evening in october 800 years ago, Francesco asked his brothers to be carried to a spot in the open where he could see Assisi. There he thanked the city which had supported him and his mission and declared that “anyone seeking Enlightenment by taking on a pilgrimage to Assisi” would be blessed.
Then he asked his brothers to continue chanting…

Next to the church lies the area where the original monastery was situated, now called “Porziuncola”.

Tour Three: Eremo delle Carceri Monastery

Eremo delle Carceri Monastery

Saint Francis would often come to this place high on Monte Subasio to pray and meditate. In the centuries that followed various buildings were added around Saint Francis´cave, forming the monastery that exists today. It is possible to spend some Silent Time in the small cave.

The caves of Francesco´s closest disciples are spread around the forest. It is also possible to sit in those caves for a little while.

Tour Four: Basilica di San Francesco & Assisi Lower Part

Basilica of Saint Francis

We will enter the lower part of Assisi through one of the city gates and walk together towards the basilica through some of the medieval alleys.

The Basilica di San Francesco is an impressive big church and monastery! And yet, when entering the lower crypt where the remains of Saint Francis are burried, all of the outer grandeur disappears and a sincere simplicity unfolds…

Start your visit in the upper church, famous for its frescos made by Giotto. Then descend to the lower church, which was built almost immediately after Francesco´s death and finished in only two years, which was possible because several thousands volunteers worked day and night. This illustrates the enormous impact He has had on his contemporaries.

Finally you´ll descend to the Crypt where it is possible to sit in the chapel for a long meditation.